High Accuracy External Thread Inspection

Piccadilly Precision Engineering prides itself on its Tri-Roll Thread Comparators. As the UK's only manufacturer of this High Accuracy Gauge, Piccadilly Precision Engineering is on hand to advise on their application and use.

Specifically aimed at Quality Critical component inspection and Mass Produced Externally Threaded components, Tri-Roll Thread Comparators provide the user with total gauging control.

Our Tri-Roll Thread Comparators enable the operator to accurately and repeatedly check the following features of external threads using standard Full Form Rollers:

  • Effective (Pitch) Diameter
  • Pitch
  • Angle


PPE's Tri-Roll Comparators can also be used with Effective Form Rollers, Major Diameter Rollers & Minor Diameter Rollers. Each of which only inspect a single feature for greater control of measured values during inspection.

Tri-Roll Comparators can be used with Digital or Analogue Dial Indicators or Transducers for Statistical Process Control (SPC). As Standard, PPE will provide quotation for a standard analogue dial indicator unless an alternative is requested at time of enquiry.

To ensure the accurate set-up and use of our Tri-Roll Comparators it is essential that they are used in conjunction with a Setting Plug Master.

To help determine the correct Tri-Roll Machine Size and Ancillaries it is advised you contact a member of our sales team to discuss your needs. Please head to our contact page and send us an email or call our office to start your enquiry. If required, a member of our sales team may be able to arrange a site visit where they can review your needs at your facility and provide a demonstration of the system.

For additional information on Tri-Roll Thread Comparators feel free to download our Tri-Roll Thread Comparator Setting Instruction Booklet by clicking on this link.

High Accuracy External Thread Inspection